Size Maximum Neck Size
XXS Up to 7"
XS Up to 10"
S Up to 13"
M Up to 16"
L Up to 19"
XL Up to 22"
XXL Up to 25"
*If your pet is at the maximum neck size we recommend purchasing a size up (e.g. your dog has a 16" neck, we would recommend purchasing a large instead of a medium so as to give your dog adequate neck space. A medium will not fit your dog if they have a 16" neck. This holds true for all sizes.).
*As our products are handmade, sizes may vary slightly.
*Our products are completely safe, however we want to ensure that you are mindful of your pet's safety and comfort. We all love fashion, however safety always comes first. Please ensure that you never place a bandana that is too small on your pet as it may result in injury. If buttons or pieces of product are loose or become detached, please discontinue use of the product immediately as this presents a choking hazard to your pet as well as small children. By purchasing our products, you agree that Mushy and Loca is not liable for any form of injury that may occur to you, your pet, or small children.